How To Change IMEI Number In Any Android

What I have seen, Lots of people nowadays search for How to Change IMEI Number in Android phone. Are you looking for the same? If Yes, then you are going to read the best tutorial on it. Yeah!! We are sharing this guide on How to Change Android IMEI Number without Root. You can easily change Android IMEI number of any mobile by following this guide.

Many people want to know How to Change IMEI Number in Android without rooting. So, first of all, let me tell you for those who think it’s not possible. YES, we can do this easily on any phone without using a PC or any other tool. In this tutorial, you will find the easiest way to change IMEI Number in any Android mobile using android IMEI  Changer Apk and later I shared another method which is for non-rooted mobiles. Don’t worry, it’s a simplest and best method which works on Samsung, Mi, Oneplus and all other remaining devices.


I already shared so many Android Tricks & tutorials and today once again I am back with such an awesome tweak for Android users. Look at my old tutorial to change Android Device ID of your phone. Today I am going to sharing an article on Android Tricks, In this tutorial, I will explain to you, How to change IMEI number of any android phone. You will get shocked after reading this method as there is nothing hard to follow in it and you don’t even think how simple it is to change Android IMEI number within seconds.

Many people want to change their device’s IMEI number to earn money with Refer & Earn apps by making several accounts with their own Referral code, but these apps stores our IMEI number in their database and we can’t able to get referral money again and again on the same device. That’s why some people want to change their IMEI number to earn more money from referrals.

change imei number in any android
How To Change IMEI Number In Any Android Phone

Whereas many peoples want to change their Android’s IMEI number just for fun and. There are lots of advantages and disadvantages of changing IMEI number of an Android device. In this tutorial, you can find step by step full guide to change IMEI number in an android device with or without root. I recommend to Root your android device before proceeding to the next steps. Rooting of our android device unlocks our Android fully and we are able to add any cool Tweaks in it.

I already shared Build Prop tweaks for android, must read this article to add awesome cool tweaks on your android device. After rooting your device, you have to install Xposed installer app on your device as this IMEI Changer app need Xposed module to run. Let us come to the main point, read a full guide about How to change IMEI number In Android. There is nothing special in this method so chill and follow some simple steps.

What is IMEI Number?
Contents [show]

IMEI refers to “International Mobile Equipment Identity” number. Every smartphone has different IMEI no. in all over the world. You can check your device IMEI number in a back side of mobile or by dialing *#06# from the dial pad. Got it? Okay, let’s come to the net point.

Why Do We Need to Change IMEI Number?
How to Change IMEI Number in Any Android Phone
There is plenty of benefits which we will get after changing the IMEI of our device. Mostly, for the people who love to use Refer & Earn apps for making money and free recharges. Whenever we created a new account in any app, it will store out IMEI number in its database. And when you try to use your own referral link in order to get referral money through own mobile, it detects your IMEI and you wouldn’t get any referral commission by that app. So, in this case, you can easily solve this issue by changing your Android IMEI number.

Well, also there are lots of other benefits of changing IMEI of your Android phone.

Requirements to Change Android IMEI Number
Rooted Android Phone
Xposed Installer Must Be Installed In Your Device
IMEI Changer App
Data Connection
Little Mind :-p
These are the little requirements which you have to keep in mind before following this tutorial. Don’t worry, there is nothing special requirement you can easily manage all of these. Whenever you are ready, move on to mail steps.

How To Change IMEI Number In Android
Here is the step-by-step guide to change the IMEI number of your Android phone. I hope you are ready with all requirements, I described in the above section. Let’s come to the method.

1) First of all note real IMEI number of your Android, by this, if you want to turn back on your real IMEI number, you can paste it (Or you will find it later in IMEI Changer App).

Dial *#6# form your mobile Dialpad to get original IMEI number of your phone.

2) Now open Xposed installer app on your device and Tick mark on IMEI Number Changer app’s option.

IMEI Number Changer Apk
3) Now, restart your Android device.

Change IMEI Android without root
4) After restarting, open IMEI Changer app, it will show your Real IMEI number in current IMEI number’s option.

5) Now change your IMEI Number from New IMEI number option and click on Apply.

change imei number in android
How to Change IMEI Number
6) It will show your New IMEI number in Current IMEI number box.

7) Now Reboot your device and on startup check your IMEI number again by dialing *#6#.

change imei number in android
Android IMEI Changer Tool
8) Voila!! Your IMEI number is successfully changed. 🙂

Now, You can also recover your Original IMEI again, you will see it in IMEI Changer app always, so whenever you want to come back on Real IMEI no. of your device, just copy-paste it.

Isn’t it the simplest trick ever to change any Android phone’s IMEI number? I have tried it on many different mobiles and found it working on all of them but this method must need a Rooted phone. If you are unable to root your device then go to my second method in which I explained how to change Android IMEI without root. But that method will not work on all Android phone, that is only for MTK Chipset devices. So I personally recommend you to root your device and go for this easiest way.

Video Tutorial: How To Change IMEI Number In Any Android

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How To Change Android IMEI Number Without Root (MTK Chipset Devices)
Here is the trick to change IMEI number in Android without root. No root is required in this tutorial, you only need one app called Mobile Uncle on your Android device to change its IMEI number. Let’s follow the steps to change IMEI number in un-rooted android mobile.

1) First of all download Mobile Uncle App on your device.

2) After downloading, install and open Mobile uncle app on your android.

3) Select Engineer >>> Engineer Mode (MTK) option from the app.

Change IMEI Android Without Root
4) Now scroll down and search for CDS Information option, click on it.

5) Now, click on Radio Information option.

6) Two options will appear on screen called Phone 1 and Phone 2.

7) Simply click on Phone 2 option from the list.

8) After clicking on Phone 2, you will see new option of AT+.

9) Now replace AT+ with “AT+(space)Your 15 Digit New IMEI Number Here“.

For Ex. – AT+ 123456789222254.

10) Now, click on SEND AT COMMAND.

Change IMEI Number In Any Android
11) Reboot your device and dial *#6# to check your new IMEI number.

12) Done, Your IMEI number has been successfully changed.

This is How to change IMEI Number in Android without root. I am sure, you can easily follow and change IMEI of any Android phone using this method. But, if you are able to root your device, then I recommend to follow the first method, that one is best for you.

Have you tried this method on your device? I hope it worked for you. I have tested on some MTK Chipset devices and it worked but it will not work on any other Android phone rather than this. Not all of the mobile are of MTK Chipset so the first method is the best ever guide to change Android IMEI Number in easiest steps. All you need is a rooted phone, nothing special.

Note: This tutorial is only for an Educational purpose. We are not responsible for any harm happened to your Android by this process. Use this trick on your own risk.

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I hope, you have successfully learned, How to change IMEI Number in any Android device. But, if still you are facing any issue or want to ask something, you can comment below. I will surely help you to change IMEI Number in Android without root if your device is MTK Chipset device. Else, well-described tutorial to change Android IMEI Number is provided in the above section for rooted devices.

After reading this tutorial, I don’t think still you need to search on the internet regarding this. There is nothing special or hard in changing Android IMEI number, even a normal person can too do this within few minutes by following our article. But let you know if you are thinking to change Android IMEI Number without root then it will be possible only on MTK Chipset devices which are almost lost from the market. Means nowadays we all have a new Android phone with all new features. My first method is compatible with newest mobiles so go for it. Still, need any help to change IMEI Number in Android? Feel free to comment below. We will reply to you shortly.

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Final Words
So, this is How you can change IMEI Number in Android just by using android IMEI Number changer app. If your device is not rooted and you don’t even want to do this then you can follow our second method which described, How to change IMEI Number in Android without rooting. Don’t worry if you are facing any problem in the tutorial, feel free to ask your doubts through comments.

Showbox Apk 5.14 Latest Version 2018 Free Download

Showbox Apk is a smart application which anyone can use to stream their favorite TV Shows and Movies in HD. The specialty of the app is you can stream any Movie or TV show Absolutely for Free. Another thing is the user has the ability to download TV Shows and Movies too. Showbox Apk is a freeware, therefore, you can download this awesome app to your device for free.

showbox apk

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Contents [hide]

1 What is Showbox Apk?
2 Showbox Apk Download and Install
3 Showbox Apk Features
3.1 Has a humongous collection of Movies and TV Shows
3.2 Update news daily
3.3 Search Engine for a quick Movie or TV show search
3.4 Ability to stream in several video qualities
3.5 Subtitles for the streaming
3.6 Ability to change the Video Player
3.7 Download Movies and TV shows
3.8 Watch Trailers of New Movies and TV Shows
4 Interface and How to Use Showbox Apk
4.1 How to Stream or Download a Movie
4.2 How to Stream a TV Show
4.3 How to Change the Streaming Quality
5.1 Is it legal to use in any country?
5.2 Is Showbox Apk available in the Google Play Store?
5.3 Is there a version for the iOS?
6 Disclaimer
What is Showbox Apk?
If we describe Showbox Apk app in very simple this is a streaming app. You can use this app to stream online Movies and TV Shows for free. There is a limitless amount of TV Shows and Movies in the app that you can easily stream.

The latest version of the app is Showbox Apk 5.14. There are several other previous versions that you can download too. So Showbox Apk latest version requires the Android version 4.0 which is Ice Cream Sandwich. You can install the latest version in Upper Android versions too. If you are an iOS user or an Apple user then this is a bad news breaking. There is no any version of this app for the iOS yet.

showbox apk features

Showbox Apk gives you the opportunity to enter a world of Movies and TV Shows. It has all the latest movies and the old ones too. Also, you can find any Movie in any genre. Same to the TV Shows. When comes to the TV Shows you can find any TV Show within a few seconds. All telecasted episodes available for you to stream. Best thing is every Movie and TV Show are absolutely free to stream. You can stream all Movies and TV Shows in HD too.

Another special thing about Showbox Apk is you can download any Movie or TV show that you want in the app video library. You can download them in HD video quality too. All downloads that you make on the app is totally free.

There are several other streaming apps on the internet. But Showbox Apk app is very special and it has more features than any of them. You don’t have to waste your money on streaming Movies and TV Shows because all of them are free from Showbox Apk.

Showbox Apk Download and Install
Showbox Download

Apk Name Showbox Apk
Latest Version 5.14
Size 39 MB
Android Version Android 4.0 ICS
Root Permission No
If you are having an Android smartphone or device which has Android 4.0 ICS then you can easily install Showbox Apk to your device. This is only for the Android platform. There is no any version for the iOS. Showbox Apk 5.14 is the latest version for the app available right now. It comes with all new features and bug fixes for the previous versions. So you could have a great experience with the app. The size of the Showbox Apk is 39 MB. The important thing is you don’t have to root your Android smartphone or device to Showbox Apk because this app doesn’t require any of the root permissions.

Installing Showbox Apk to Android is an easy task. Here are the steps for it.

First of all, use Showbox Apk Download link on this official site to download Showbox Apk. It is free to download.
After that allow Unknown Sources in the Settings. Go to Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Unknown Sources. This will give you the permission to install Showbox Apk to your Android device.showbox apk download
Then go to the location that you downloaded the Showbox Apk file. And open it to begin Apk Installer.showbox apk download
Follow the Instructions on the Apk Installer and finish the installation.showbox apk download
After that open your App Drawer and there is the Showbox Apk.showbox apk download
Showbox Apk Features
Showbox Apk has lots of good features and functions that the other similar streaming apps do not have. So these features and functions made this streaming app more popular among smart users. Also, these functions and features give you extreme experience in Streaming Movies and TV Shows on smart devices.

Has a humongous collection of Movies and TV Shows
You can discover lots of movies and TV shows which are latest and past. Also, you can find all kinds of categories or genres. The Showbox Apk gives you an option to filter Movies and TV shows to discover your favorites easily.

Update news daily
You can get news about all the TV shows and Movies from the app. It updates every day with all the news that you need if you are a Movie or TV Show enthusiastic.

Search Engine for a quick Movie or TV show search
There is a search engine on the Showbox Apk app. So you can use it to find your Movies and TV Shows easily. It gives instant results with zero delays.

Ability to stream in several video qualities
Showbox Apk provides you the ability to stream videos in 360p 480p and 720p HD. So according to your choice, you can change it.

Subtitles for the streaming
There are more than 20 subtitles languages available on the app for every Movie or TV Show Episode. You can easily add them to the streaming.

Ability to change the Video Player
The basic video player for the Showbox Apk is Android Video Player. But you can easily change it to your favorite video player from the settings. There is VLC player comes in default as an option for the video players.

Download Movies and TV shows
Showbox Apk is not only for streaming but also for the downloading. If you want to watch a Movie or Episode of a TV Show offline then you can easily download it from the app. Also, there is an option to change the video quality that you want to download. There is a download manager on the app. So you can manage downloads very conveniently.

Watch Trailers of New Movies and TV Shows
There is a special part on the app only for the Trailers. In this, you can easily watch the trailers of Movies and TV shows to acknowledge about up comings and latest ones.

Interface and How to Use Showbox Apk
Showbox Apk has a simple user interface. So the user can have a convenient navigation through the app. Here are the main How To’s of Showbox Apk.

How to Stream or Download a Movie
First, open the app and select the Side Panel Button.showbox apk movies
Then click Movies on the Side Panel. It will load the Grid of all the Movies of the app.showbox apk movies
You can use Search and Filters to find the movie you want. The Filter contains Sort, Genre, and Year.showbox apk movies
Select a Movie on the results and it will load the movie page.showbox apk movies
If you want to stream the movie then click the Watch Now Button. Then it will open the video player and starts the movie.showbox apk movies
If you want to download the Movie click Downward Arrow Button.showbox apk movies
How to Stream a TV Show
Open the app and select Side Panel Button.
After that select TV Shows. It will loads you a Grid of TV shows.showbox apk tv shows
You can select a TV Show from the Grid or use Search and Filters for it.showbox apk tv shows
Select a TV show and it comes to the TV Show page.showbox apk tv shows
Select the Season and the Episode that you want to watch.showbox apk tv shows
If you want to stream the TV Show episode click Watch Now. Then it will open the video player.showbox apk tv shows
If you want to download the TV Show click Downward Arrow Button.showbox apk tv shows
How to Change the Streaming Quality
Click the Side Panel Button in the home screen.
Then click Settings in it.showbox apk video
In that menu go to the Preferred Quality and select your desired video quality.showbox apk video
How to Change the Video Player

Select the Side Panel.
Click Settings.showbox apk player
Then go to the Default Player and change the Video Player for the Showbox Apk.showbox apk player
Is it legal to use in any country?
Yes. There is no any issue reported with the app so far. Therefore it is possible to use in any country.

Is Showbox Apk available in the Google Play Store?
This app is not available in the Google Play Store. But you can download official app from this site.

Is there a version for the iOS?
Unfortunately, there is no any version for the iOS yet. But you can use an alternative for this app. It is available on this site. Check that out.

This site does not own the Showbox Apk app. This site only provides you the details about the app and a way to download it. So if there is an issue with the Showbox Apk app then this site is not responsible for any of that.

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